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Mineral Laboratory Services

Mineral Laboratory Services
  • Petrological and Mineralogy Laboratory Services. The mineralogy and petrology laboratory is equipped with modern facilities for sample preparation for further laboratory investigations, for minerals, rocks and soils identification. The laboratory also offers services on for rock cutting, crushing, pulverization, polishing, and preparation of thin and polished sections. The laboratory uses Digital Polarized Microscopes in identifying rock types and mineral compositions. The laboratory cuts and polishes specimens for dimension and decoration stones.
  • Mineral Processing Laboratory Services. This incorporates facilities for technology testing in mineral separation using magnetic, electrostatic, gravitational, froth flotation, sieve analysis and gold value added techniques.
  • Chemical Laboratory Services. Chemical laboratory’s main functions are determination of elements in rocks, soils, plants and water samples for mineral exploration, gemstone identification, mineral certification and Environmental Monitoring applications through both dry and wet lab analysis. The chemical laboratory offers services of analysis of Base Metals and Trace Elements, precious metals and environmental pollutants. The Lab provide forensic geochemistry services to government law enforcement agencies.