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Geological Survey Services

Geological Survey Services
  • Compilation and Dissemination of mineral and geological information. The National Geodata Bank acts as a repository Centre for all geodata and is hosted by the State Department for Mining and administered by the Directorate of Geological Surveys (DGS). It is a one- stop-shop for geoscientific data and information for the country. The Geodata Bank is a centre where the State Department organizes and safeguards the Country’s geological data and documents in a systematic and accessible manner, making them readily available to stakeholders with minimal bureaucracy. The centre host geo-data gathered from field surveys by both private and Government agencies and to inform investments in mining. Development of such a national repository of geoscience information along with the compilation, publication and dissemination of information and data concerning the geology and mineral resources of Kenya and facilitating access to this information by the general public is a requirement under the Mining Act of 2016. To access the National Geodata Centre, Click here
  • Hire of drilling services. The Directorate has three (3) Exploration Diamond Core drill rigs with qualified drilling experts. The rigs are available for hire at prescribed fees.
  • Mineral identification. The Directorate of Geological Surveys offers mineral identification services through various physical examination tests. The mineral can be identified by way of the following parameters: colour, lustre, cleavage, crystal form, texture, grain-size, hardness, specific gravity, malleability, ductility, odour, and advice on uses.
  • Facilitate the Director of Mines towards issuance of export permit for samples for geo-scientific research. The Directorate of Geological Surveys assist in certifying and facilitating the Directorate of Mines in issuing export permits for geological material samples to outside country laboratory analysis.
  • Cartography services. The Directorate of Geological Surveys has a Cartography Section which provides maps, pegging and other cartography services.
  • Environmental assessment reviews to assist NEMA in issuance of EIA permits. The Directorate of Geological Survey assists National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) in technical reviewing and assessment of EIA reports towards their issuance of EIA permits.
  • Geotechnical and geo-hazard assessment. The Directorate of Geological Survey assists the National Government in assessment geo-technical site investigations for major infrastructure projects and assess risks in geo-hazards prone areas.