Hon John Munyes, on has lauded National Oil Corporation of Kenya (NOCK)’s for comprehensive and upto date Data Centre, with data dating back to the 1950’s, adding that availability of data was a major attraction to potential investors.

“Data is a key component in any growth and investment since it provides the prerequisite information to facilitate investment”, CS John Munyes said after a tour of the Data Centre at the National Oil Corporation of Kenya (NOCK) Headquarters in Nairobi’s South “C” area where he was accompanied by Mr. Andrew Kamau the Principal Secretary for Petroleum.

He added that it was prudent to share data among public institutions to reduce the cost of surveys and to also curb duplication.
After a comprehensive presentation on NOCK by the Chief Executive Officer Mary Jane Mwangi, the CS urged both the Board and Management team to embrace a cordial working relationship with the Ministry of Petroleum and Mining to aggressively pursue their targets for national good.

However CS John Munyes cautioned NOCK and asked them to reduce the cost of borrowing and increase their revenue that will increase the exchequer and ultimately reduce the country’s borrowing. He challenged NOCK to transform the lives of Kenyans with their commodities such as the soon to be launched affordable LPG.

NOCK’s Chairman, Board of Directors Mr. Samuel Gakunga, enumerated some of the challenges that impede the realization of the corporation’s targets, adding that measures have been put in place to counter them with support from the government.

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