The Ministry of Mining Cadastre (online license application system) is undergoing a re-configuration to upgrading the system in tandem with the provisions of the Mining Act 2016 and the progress so far made by the Act.

The Cadastre a landmark project of the Ministry launched in 2015 seeks to facilitate access to online application of licences/permits for exploration and exploitation of minerals in accordance with the Act. The reconfiguration is being conducted under through a memorandum between a South African company and the Government of Kenya.

Once fully operationalized, Cadastre is expected to improve governance and efficiency in the extractives industry in Kenya, and hence increase the investors’ confidence in Kenya as mining investment destination. The on-ling system will also reduce the approval of mining licenses/permits from 120 to 90 days subject to recommendations of the Minerals Rights Board (MRB).

In addition, the upgraded Cadastre will also serve as a one-stop online information service centre for prospective investors where they can search and purchase spatial data and reports on the Mining Sector; the System will automatically update the recorded explosive stocks in the system, and downloads free.

The Cadastre will conform to the new Mining Act and the licencing regulations that will include the renewal of existing licences; the Dealer Licences and Export Permits will also be conform with the provisions of the Act, ad online application.

The upgraded Cadastre system will provide an online portal for interested and affected parties to view licence applications in their area during a set time window. It will also allow parties to raise queries and give feedbacks.

Cadastre portal will calculate returns (royalties) to facilitate payment of monthly returns in compliance with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA); the royalties will be verified by the Ministry auditors.

Ministry of Mining will effectively implement with Kenya Revenue Authority finance system the creation of software interfaces to retrieve royalty and export payment details from KRA’s Simba system, to support the activities of the Mineral Audit Unit.

Similarly, a Draft Mining Policy is before Parliament awaiting approval to operationalize it; upon approved the Policy will lay strategies to expedite the implementation of the Mining Act 2016.

To add to the progress so far made by the Mining Act, the Ministry developed 14 regulations out of which eight (8) are before Parliament awaiting approval. The regulations together with the Policy will provide road map for the implementation of the Act.


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