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Hon. Dan Kazungu, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Mining told delegates attending this year’s Prospectors Development Association of Canada (PDAC) that the Ggovernment of Kenya has invested heavily to promote the Mining Sector to be a leading Sector to improve national development.

He said that in an endeavour to promote mining as the next economic frontier of national and sustainable development, Kenya developed and enacted the first ever Mining Act since 1940, that is the Mining Act 2016, which seeks to provide incentives to attract investment in the Sector. He lauded the Act saying that it was one of the most progressive mining laws in Africa. In addition to the Act, AS Mining Policy has also been developed and is awaiting Parliamentary approval others include 14 regulations that were awaiting approval by the Designated Committee of the Kenya National Assembly to facilitate the fully implementation of the Act.

Hon. Kazungu made the remarks in his presentation on, “Rethinking Common Approaches to Finance Mine Related Infrastructure “, during this year‘s Prospectors Development Association of Canada (PDAC) in Toronto; where he lead a Kenyan delegation to the Convention in to learn and share experiences with mining power houses such as Canada, South Africa and Ghana among others.

In light of the above, the CS called on foreign investors to take advantages of the legislative frameworks in place and other incentives and invest in the nascent sector that is yet to be exploited. The CS told the forum that Kenya was endowed with great mineral deposits with the potential to transform the country’s economic growth to a two digit once the national geophysical survey has been done to map the country’s natural resources.
Kenya is endowed with great wealth in natural resources that are yet to be fully exploited adding that it was in light of this that the government developed legislative frameworks to facilitate the exploration and exploitation on this great virgin wealth. In quest to tap her mineral resource and to promote mining as the next economic frontier, Hon Kazungu said the government had enacted favourable laws to guarantee exploitation of the potential in this nascent sector. In respect to this that include

Similarly, the government has taken a bold step and upgraded the Malindi Airport to international standard making the total number of international airport to & including the Isiolo project. Other modes of transportation include the Standard Railway Gauge (SGR) a multi-million project traversing Kenya from the coast to the western borders. Once completed the SGR will be majorly transform rail services especially for bulky commercial goods; mode of transportation not only for Kenya but our neighbouring countries as well.

The CS said in an endeavour to maximize on our port, the government had embarked on an ambitious program of a KES 30 billion expansion of the port of Mombasa and de-silting it to make it wider and deeper so that large vessels can dock with ease. The expansion will greatly increase cargo for Kenya and her neighbouring landlocked countries namely Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan who are dependent on the Port of Mombasa.
Concerning sustainable power supply, Hon. Kazungu said the government has put measures in place to ensure regular efficient power supply, he said that although, Kenya relied geothermal, hydro and wind power, as the main source of power supply, the country was exploring other sources to further boost its power access.

The CS said due high demand for regular power supply, the government was exploring how best to generate more power to cope with the increasing demand and to ensure that Kenya has affordable, sufficient and regular power supply accessible for both investment and domestic consumption adding that power was a prerequisite for both industrial and domestic development or any nation.

Similarly, the government has also enhanced the infrastructure where, over 10,000 kilometre of road was tarmacked at both the national and county levels where major mining activities are conducted. The enhanced infrastructure will greatly facilitate transportation of good and services especially at the county levels. Similarly, the government continues to provide a peaceful and sustainable environment conducive for the promotion trade and investment in Kenya.

The CS was flanked by PS Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed and the H.E John Lanyasunya, the Kenyan High Commission to Canada

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