Directorate of Geological Survey is charged inter alia with acquisition, processing, storage, and dissemination of primary geological and mineral data and information. It conducts systematic geolgical mapping and mineral exploration at various scales to provide data relating to rock types, structural geological styles, prospective areas of mineralization and characterization of rocks and minerals thus continuously enhancing the understanding of geology and updating mineral inventory of the country.

Broad functions

  1. Regional geological amapping and research
  2. Detailed mineral exploration and evaluation
  3. Environment and engineering geology
  4. Geophysical surveys and research
  5. Maintenance of an up-to—date national geological and mineral Data Bank
  6. Mineral laboratory services


Mineral Exploration and Evaluation

The directorate has continued to explore for iron ore and other base metals in Kitui, Homa Bay and Tharaka Nithi . Drilling is going on close to a cumulative depth of 1000 metres have drilled for iron ore in Tharaka Nithi and dileneation of them done in the other counties. Close to a cumulative depth 2kms of drill core has been done for coal in Kwale and Kilifi couties. Surface mapping for manganese ,and iron ore on going in Kilifi county.


Geological Mapping

Ffrom 2013 to date a surface for minerals were conducted over a total area of 2730 sq kms where several mineral occurrences were documented mainly iron oresand various sulphides in West pokot, Bungoma and Kitui counties, Columbites, plutinum iron ores, chromites Magnesites, various gemstones (Corrundums, aquamarines, saphires, beryls, etc ) in Kitui, county. Mapping of Minerals occurences along the Mombasa Nairobi SGR corridor is on-going and it has reached Taru area


Mineral certification Laboratory

A new laboratory block to house mineral certification laboratory has been completed and is being furnished and equiped. Already state of the art analytical has beeing procured and set up and modernizarion of the lab is going on. The aim is to have an internationally accredited laboratory which will offer efficient and reliable lab services and become a laboratory of Choice not only to the mining community in Kenya but also in the region. The Laboratory services will increase revenue to the Government since mining companies will be required to have their mineral exports qualified and certified by the the laborator


Geodata Bank

Establishment of a geological and mineral data and information bank (Geo Bank) is at an advanced stage. This will ease access to geological and mineral data and information to minerals and mining investors, institutions of higher learning, other stakeholders including the public


Countrywide airborne Geophysical survey

Implementation of the contrywide airborne geophysical survey is at an advanced stage and soon it will be launched. A multi-sectoral Technical Committee was set up to oversee its implementation. The project aims at dilineating areas in the country with economic mineral potential ( resource corridors)and informing future mineral exploration trends. Generation of the geophysical data and couples with ease of its availability will reduce immensely investment risks to investors in minerals and mining industry. It will also stimulate research in the country’s geology and inform land use planning and siting of civil infrastructure.

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